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night protection

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Night Protection:

Night Protection is a feature which has been added to this game so that you won’t have to play it 24/7 (although by all means feel free to do so if you wish) ;), and it works as follows:

  • From midnight to 08:00 “night protection” the power of attack is reduced by 40%.
  • During “morning protection” from 08:00 to 10:00 night protection gradually decrease from 40% to 0%.
  • During “evening protection” from 22:00 to midnight night protection gradually increase from 0% to 40%.
  • During these periods, the attack power will be reduced by the same value.
  • During these periods, the damage to buildings and fortifications will be reduced by the same value.
  • During these periods, the growth of Barons’ power to claim a sieged city will be reduced by the same value, combined effect with attack power reduction can be as much as 90%.
  • The protection is in effect for any attack against players: Assault, Siege, Plunder and Scout.
  • The protection only matters for player-owned cities. Dungeons and lawless cities will not get any protection.

There is some conjecture on what is night but it may be perceived as being server time (eg east coast USA time). For the European Servers it appears that timings operate according to Greenwich Mean Time and not the server time. You will need to have your clock set to server time to work this out not local time (especially if you’re not where the server is located). One can set the game time display to show servers hours from Game Options.

This, of course, will make game-play much more difficult when figuring out what time you need to log back in.

The main question is why the developers would include a night-time feature in a game played by players around the world. This feature forces many players to play during night-protection in order try to play within the time-frame created by the server. Since each server is based on a specific time zone, Europeans should play in a world based on their time zone and Americans should play in a world based on theirs. If you play on the server nearest you, you will only be off by a couple of hours and game-play will not be messed up.