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City shapes

The Region view shape of your city will vary based on its “score”.

Creating a new city

Your first city is free, after that you need:

Baron 1 Baron
Wood 100.000 wood
Stone 100.000 stone
Iron 25.000 iron
Food 25.000 food


250 Carts


25 Ships

To recruit a baron you need a lvl 10 Trinsic Temple, one moonstone, 100K gold and 50K iron.
Creating a Moonstone requires 50K of each resource plus 50K gold, and a lvl 10 Moonglow tower.

Future barons require an additional moonstone per city – your second baron requires you to make two more moonstones, your third three more, etc.

Conquering a city

To conquer player controlled cities, you need a castle. See PvP section for more information.

Lawless cities

When a player becomes inactive, his city will start to decline, and will be open to conquering. A player ranked Baron or lower, his cities will turn lawless in 2 weeks, whereas a player ranked Earl or higher his cities will turn lawless after 30 days.

Also, if a player may wish, they can ‘Abandon’ their city/cities, this intern will also make the cities turn lawless and the same rules below will apply to capturing them. ‘Abandoning’ both applies to Non-castled and Castled.

You can send a baron to settle a lawless city, which cost the same resources as creating a new city (100k wood, 100k stone, 25k iron and 25k food, and 250 carts), but you get the buildings already built. Lawless cities decay 1 level of building per hour, starting with the highest level buildings.

To capture a ‘Lawless city with castle’, you need to send a baron on siege from a city of yours which has a castle, siegeing it is just like siegeing a normal castled city, Remember to clear the troops out of the ‘Lawless city with castle’ since they stay when it is abandoned.

Founding cities overseas

There are cases when players want to migrate to different continents. For example if a lot of alliance members are living all around the map, co-ordinating activities is very challenging. Thus many advanced alliances require migration to a primary continent.

Cities can be built on other continents. In order to do that one needs to have level 10 harbour (or two that give 25 ships). Baron traveling to found a city requires 25 ships.

Travel time between continents is long. For example between continent 55 and 42 travel time is more than 24 hours – for one direction. Thus it will take 48 hours to get ships back to the originating city.

In order for the overseas city to receive goods from sea travel shipments, it must have a Marketplace. A harbour is not needed in the receiving city. This is different from land transport; receiving resource shipments that are sent by land transport do not require Marketplace.

Overseas city does not need to be a coastal city. A tile bordering river can also be reached by ships; bordering, in this case, means touching directly to the north, south, east, or west.

City layout tips